Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Nice weather for ducks

Last night marked the first significant storm of this winter. Winds reaching 95mph, horizontal rain, and waves that make you feel seasick just looking at them.

Plus, just as our first anniversary of moving to Berneray commenced, a power cut. Almost like some kind of warning from some latent Hebridean weather spirit: "You can be here as many years as you like, but never become complacent."

Thankfully, the storm receeded very quickly, and the power came on within 30 minutes. The storm was not on the same scale of the severe storm we endured last January. That was my third hurricane (I've been through 2 in the West Indies), but by far the worst due to the duration (14 hours of watching our windows straining in their frames), and the extremely dangerous coincidence of a very high tide. It was discombobulating, the next day, to be picking seaweed off the windows. The upstair windows. 

Tonight, it couldn't be more different. A starry, clear, sky. No wind at all; stand outside and all that can be heard is the distinctive sound of waves reaching on the western shore. Hmmm; just seen the weather forecast for friday...

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