Monday, 6 August 2007

Chicago White Sox

More baseball... On the last full day of the latest US trip, I saw the White Sox beat the Blue Jays 2-0 in Chicago. Great fun; in some ways similar to the Seattle Mariners match, but in others, quite different. For a start, the stadium isn't half as "homely" as the Mariners ground. Granted, it's big, but aesthetically it's a bit of a concrete bowl:

Chicago White Sox stadium

In addition, the food options were largely of the chubby variety. Less of the salads and fruit bowls that were available at the Mariners ground. Instead, fried this and that, and inevitably small bucket-sized drinks:

Grill at the baseball

Having said that, people who sat in the really posh seats (the section between me and the backside of the man on strike) were able to order a whole range of classy food and drinks from their seats, for delivery. Some of those looked like cocktails and margaritas:

Drinks to your seats

Unlike Seattle, Chicago has an extensive mass transit system. This meant I could get to the match in plenty of time (the stadium has its own train station), and so could watch the practice sessions:

Baseball practice

Sitting where I was meant a close-up view of the quartet singing the national anthems of Canada (polite applause) and the USA (big applause, cheering and chants of U-S-A):

Singing the national anthems

Having good seats meant a real close-up of the action. And the way the ball whizzed off the bat (two of which broke), I was pretty glad of the net between our section and the diamond:

Play ball

The one thing that got a larger reaction than the USA anthem? The White Sox scoring a ...

Home run!

Game over, the Sox win, and the firework display starts for post-match entertainment:

Post-match fireworks

The crowd happily stream out (even the losing supporters), and either drive away or squeeze themselves, Japanese-style, onto the trains back into the city. Following the match it was straight to the cinema for me to see The Simpsons Movie, then back to the hotel for the last night of kip before the long triple-flight home.

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