Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Planning info. Online. Everything. In the Outer Hebrides.

The Comhairle (council of the Outer Hebrides) have just launched their new online planning service.

And ... it's really good (you were expecting me to say something negative there?).

If you go to the Planning Services section of their website, then click on Online Planning Information, you get to their database.

What's really interesting is that it doesn't just deal with current planning applications, but ones from several years ago. Even more interesting is that, for nearly all applications, they've scanned in everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Application forms, warrants, correspondence with council people, correspondence between council departments, letters of support, letters of objection, even the till receipts for various applications.

That's a heck of a lot of scanning. The search mechanism is a bit fiddly - I found it easier to search via road, then drill down to the individual property - but does work.

All kudos to the Comhairle - this is a big step forward. Now if they could just overhaul their main website...

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