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150 #savelibraries tweets

Today, many people are tweeting with the hashtag #savelibraries, to the extent that it's trending in the UK [Update] and worldwide. Here's the tweet that started the ball rolling.

For an accompaniment, check out the Voices for the Library website, and their associated twitter account @UKpling.

As the hashtag started to trend outside the UK, so some of the tweets came from non-UK people. Here's a small selection of tweets with this hashtag, which are currently appearing faster than one can read them. Made this little list as, over time, they'll be more difficult to find through twitter and other media.

Am hoping the authors of the tweets don't mind; have linked from the author's name to the actual tweet.

1. thezombiecherry Libraries are important because protecting and distributing information is important.

2. Philbradley Libraries are about communities and the betterment of society for everyone, not just a few.

3. doorwayproject My kids, when they were young, read vociferously and I couldn't afford to buy them books. I relied on the library.

4. liz_jolly Libraries are important because knowledge is power.

5. llamatastic Because so many children don't care about literature as it is, if we lose our libraries then it'll only get worse. :(

6. Molly_Dearest Libraries are important because they're somewhere safe to go. No one can tell you you're not allowed.

7. nikkidudley20 Libraries are important because they allow everyone (no exceptions) to have access to books, DVDs and the internet!

8. Nick_Payne Shutting down libraries is merely a quieter, seemingly "more civilized" way of doing the work of book burners.

9. beescope I was raised by three parents - my mum, my dad, and Bristol Central Library. Library closures shrink the world.

10. neko_nees Libraries are a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. How many places can you say that of?

11. Emily_Heath Our only indoor community space that's not about shopping & you don't have to pay to spend time in on a cold winter's day.

12. Viche Libraries kept me sane when I experienced a long period of unemployment.

13. emsiee_ Without the libraries we wouldn't have "the book trail!" If you don't have that, you just don't have a childhood.

14. cargopublishing Closing libraries isn't just financially stupid; it's an attack on knowledge, learning, art, culture, the equality of education.

15. paperdreams Libraries are important because they took me round the world before I even had a passport.

16. genna_mb In honour of every librarian who has ever saved the day right before a school project was due.

17. thecritic06 Snatching access to books from the poorest people is spiteful and malevolent and is intellectual elitism.

18. wadey44 Cos my local one has a place for teenagers to play role-playing games and talk about Kerrang. Without it they'd be...

19. bethanar Believe in free, open access to information for everyone, without prejudice, bias or censorship?

20. AnabelMarsh Not every child has parents who are able or willing to nurture a love of reading.

21. theoden_tid Because the greatest agent of social mobility and the greatest cause of social change is education.

22. Amhuinn Because I grew up on a council estate and was a voracious reader and the library opened many new worlds to me free of charge.

23. imlukerichards Without community enrichment or creative development and with the cost of higher education, surely a library is a necessity.

24. quantumapple "Prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual." Socrates

25. KardyMcfly Cuz libraries brought my GPA UP!

26. librarydonna It's not (just) about books, it's about communities, information and ideas, freedom of speech, stories and imagination.

27. danhind Public libraries introduced me to books that were too interesting to be allowed in school. Made me an habitual book user.

28. ockhams_shotgun Because their existence is a statement that ours is a society that aims for universal literacy & cultural awareness.

29, leshwt Libraries are important because knowledge should not be restricted by wealth.

30. quantumapple "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." Gandhi

31. jennifermjones Libraries are important because history repeats (and us human are good at forgetting, that's why we write stuff down).

32. BusterBaxter11 Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card.

33. K4ZRIC One of my earliest memories; story time at Andover Library. As a teen, the library was my access to the things they don't teach.

34. kevinmulroue My two year old daughter practically gets most of her pre-school education at my local one!

35. librarydonna Now go and ask a question to the original search engine, a librarian, who doesn't track your searches or sell your details.

36. librarydonna What other thing gives you life membership for free and without question or control?

37. jenniferri I always feel safe & at peace when I go to the library, a rare occurence.

38. imlukerichards The only real alternative activity within a 10 mile radius of the town I’m originally from is drinking yourself to oblivion...

39. zoelouwhite Civilised societies do not close libraries, they invest in them for future generations.

40. bennylinen Libraries are the poor mans passport. You can go anywhere, to anytime, with anyone without TSA checks, baggage fees or delays.

41. kate_librarian Libraries are important cos not every parent can afford to take their kids on expensive days out - plenty to do in the library.

42. suziruk Education for the masses, not just for the ruling classes.

43. justmary47 Our local library loaned over 200,000 items to 17,000 people in November - each loan a potential lifechanger.

44. glecharles A society that devalues libraries also devalues democracy, equality and community.

45. WrshpLdr87 Because where else am I going to find quality research? Google just won't do!

46. negativenash It will never betray u , nor lie to u, is always there for u, can never replace u. Isn't a book an awsome best friend.

47. helenmew I thought the Big Society was about communities coming together? Where exactly, if we don't save libraries?

48. KateERowley As a child was able to walk to the small, local Essex library almost daily in summertime - choice of books seemed magical.

49. ijclark Libraries make you rebellious and set you free.

50. srharris19 The health of a community isn't just about law & security or even economy. Cultural values & lifelong learning make us human.

51. fizzytom Because books are our window on the world, and because the Waterstones staff don't like you to read the books without paying.

52. jaimebc Libraries are important because librarians close the digital divide for those who can't afford to pay for help.

53. Perednia Libraries are important because you can look for anything there and find yourself.

54. mrs_eddieizzard So much public information is online and some people can only access it via library computers!

55. duckorange Libraries are important as they are the frontline in The War Against Stupid.

56. jendeaderick With the local library as her resource and refuge, my mother ended up the first in her family to go to college.

57. Ashlandian By age 13, Harry Truman read every book in his small town library. He attributed that to helping him greatly with his presidency.

58. paperhaus Libraries are important because they don't tell you what to think.

59. iangirle As our town centres become increasingly soulless, libraries provide a haven of knowledge and a sanctuary of free thinking.

60. kate_librarian Libraries are important because not every young person fits in at school or youth club. But everyone fits in at the library.

61. allisondlynn Where I'm living, libraries offer the only internet/computers for so many out-of-work job seekers.

62. glecharles Those who benefit most from libraries have the least power; it's more than books on shelves.

63. AppleTeeth Libraries are important because for people who go to underfunded schools, they are vital in order to succeed.

64. palaeofuturist Library is great for accidental discoveries, finding a book shelved next to what you're looking for; and not just bestsellers.

65. bectxu Who will explain that libraries were places of learning, knowledge, peace, for all, and our society destroyed them?

66. oodja I grew up in a one bookshelf household- my local public library was the gateway to all worlds real and imagined.

67. rattlecans And what uni did you go up to Rector? Govan Library. J Reid Glasgow University Rector

68. LisaShapter Nothing automated can replace a trained, local, caring, educated human being for maintaining a community's store of books.

69. Lisa_1587 As a child I visited my local library every Saturday for things to read during the week - its how I learnt to love books.

70. punchj Books are the Library Brand but libraries do so MUCH MORE, focus on the programs and services that are not known.

71. SimonXIX Libraries are important: they combine learning, entertainment, communication and community in a single place.

72. Mr_Considerate There's never a bad time to read or be reminded of Barack Obama's speech in defence of public libraries.

73. punchj Libraries support; preschoolers, immigrants, unemployed, Seniors, persons with disabilities, authors, students.

74. kate_librarian When an author or poet comes to the library-it's often the only time a child will meet a writer. Libraries inspire creativity.

75. bethanar Libraries reach out to the poor & disadvantaged, to young & old. They let everyone in, & send them away a little richer.

76. VeronicaFurman Libraries are important because they are sacred; a violence and drug free zone no matter where they are.

77. kate_librarian Libraries don't judge. Everyone is welcome.

78. TheBiblioChick Librarians are important b/c they are the Sherpas in the avalanche of information that is the 21st Century.

79. rachsyme But really, the library was the place I felt I most belonged, age 5-8, because they save nerdy children's hearts.

80. johnrdolan Libraries reach where others don't - people who are housebound, prisons and hospitals.

81. jbbmegan Still remember when, during weekly library trip, Gramma deemed me old enough to borrow from adult fiction section. So stoked.

82. umalochan In S.A. - where majority of the population can't purchase books - libraries allow everyone to experience the magic of the written word.

83. MaryKSF "Google can bring back a hundred thousand answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one." -Neil Gaiman @neilhimself

84. DJPAULETTE Internet is invaluable but physical book and document research is a skill well learned & not everyone has home online access.

85. Sneyton My cousin can't afford a computer and goes to the library every day to go online. This is yet another attack on the poor.

86. Ruth_Molloy School libraries are a place where all kids are welcome and cater for all reading abilities - with staff trained to help.

87. walkyouhome Libraries offer important Braille translation services.

88. punchj Go to libraries to; fix your car, do banking, learn to write, get health info, meet friends, learn to read, research paper...

89. shhhreading Because in a library there is no such thing as out of print.

90. The_EdibleWoman Because behind every great movie there is usually an even greater book.

91. erinfaye Libraries are important because they're the only place readers can take all the time they need to discover books.

92. rachel_s_b Just because you personally can afford internet+books,+know how to access information, doesn't mean that everyone can/does.

93. flawedplan Libraries are important as singular nurturing haven (+ magnet!) for kids w/ violent, dysfunctional authoritarian home lives.

94. itsmotherswork Libraries r important cos they open eyes to reality of others' lives.

95. johnrdolan Signing up to become a library member is a child's first act of citizenship.

96. RobAroundBooks If we lose libraries then knowledge will become a bought commodity; a sole pursuit for only those who can afford it.

97. arickamarie It's where all the secrets for social revolutions are kept.

98. arickamarie In this economy, Library cards can't get you into substantial debt.

99. lornarichardson Travelling library often only human contact 4 old people in rural Norfolk.They take books 2 housebound & frail in my village.

100. arickamarie Because the future nobel, pulitzer, and macarthur geniuses need a playground for their imaginations.

101. jah08 Services and resources libraries provide are NOT freely available elsewhere in many communities.

102. dan_student Cost of every book I have ever read from a library- too much to quantify - value? infinitely more.

103. UndeadUnicorn Libraries are important because they are one of the few safe places left for kids to go. I heart books because of my library!

104. infogdss29 Libraries are important because they are the people's university and a cornerstone of democracy.

105. thespyglass Lost count of number of people with low literacy levels or beginner's English who I helped to access vital info in library.

106. TeraNKOTBLuvr Libraries are important because they promote reading, especially to youth.

107. activrightbrain Libraries still provide the ultimate inspiration-bank for designers. Trump Search engines for random brainstorming.

108. louanndavies My daughter struggled with reading. I couldn't afford to buy her books. Without Newport Library she'd still be struggling now.

109. chat_nor_co Libraries are important because I have seen old people teaching themselves to read there.

110. crispsearingice ...because it connects ppl regardless of iq, $, social status, place, time, age, race, gender, alive or dead.

111. EscapeTheory Libraries gave us power, cuts won't come and make us free.

112. srharris19 The only way a city CAN exist is through its cultural institutions. Otherwise, it's just a big, open-air asylum.

113. brendapetays The library is a labyrinth of evidence, secret symbols and coded are the detective.

114. Julesfindlay Imagination doesn't have a timetabled slot in the national curriculum.

115. anniemauger Libraries are a vital organ for a fair and prosperous society. Information is the lifeblood. Reading gives the vision.

116. ChipsforthePoor The 1st time I heard Public Enemy as a kid was via my local library.

117. robinince Why should we save libraries? Because just reading money gets boring very quickly.

118. Zaddyman #savelibraries, if not for you then for the millions of people less fortunate in this country who rely on them as a centre of life.

119. NaphofTali "We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room's the greatest arsenal in the world! Arm yourself!" #drwho

120. karJg You're living in rented accommodation and have no broadband, where can you go to apply for jobs - pubic libraries.

121. rachel_s_b I move around a lot, and joining the local library in a new city helps me to settle in and feel more at home.

122. purple_cat2 I work in a smallish public library and we help make people happy EVERY DAY. For some it's the only pleasure they have left.

123. LuraTea As a child I just about got by for books with the local library, second hand bookshops, and my parents' books.

124. Anti_Intellect Developing critical consciousness isn't hard when you've got a library card.

125. melis_estel Libraries are important because the internet doesn't solve everything.

126. CaithnessCraft Libraries are about the only free thing you can do today and stretch your mind, and your childrens.

127. JennySarahJones "I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library"- Ray Bradbury.

128. ChristieCurry Libraries are important because we couldn't #homeschool without them!

129. HobbitMerry I wouldn't have got to University without libraries. Life long love of books and learning fostered there as a child.

130. RichRennicks When I was a poor student, I found most of my course books (& much more) @ the city library. Students of all ages need them.

131. SaveYGLibrary Community space, homework clubs, book recommendations, books in other langs, multicultural events, summer reading challenge4kids.

132. ibs_lib They're the only place you can get free help finding dead relatives, fixing your car, & IDing that weird lump on your back.

133. andywalsh999 My children own books but I could never hope to maintain their love of reading without our fortnightly library visit.

134. nbChalford We have a house full of books, but I still need my weekly library visit - pensions and book buying don't go together.

135. ltulip Libraries are important because information needs to be free (and correct).

136. Pamreader When my world was narrowed by illness as a child library books offered escape, knowledge & comfort.

137. mariawolters Libraries are more than books - they are learning and IT centres, sources of software, internet connectivity, and support.

138. Nykohler Directly or indirectly, every single person in the UK, with some form of education, has benefited from libraries.

139. linksan Libraries are important because they help spread ideas and information so that our societies can develop for the better.

140. JuniperJungle They act as a portal to countries far and wide, planets in outer space and places plotted on no maps known to us.

141. meimaimaggio I grew up in a home without books, with non-English speaking parents. Libraries showed me a world mum and dad couldn't.

142. niccishepherd They let me explore the world - as a kid.

143. Plentymuch Growing up in a small, conservative town the local library was a building full of doors to other, better places.

144. swirlingleaf Libraries are important because they instilled a love of reading and learning in me as a child.

145. goddessdeeva Libraries are important because I love to read but can't afford to buy books.

146. JustinKani Because they are the essence of community in our suburban withdrawal.

147. MustBeTheJanay Libraries, for some the only way they can enjoy a book or find certain books. For many the place they find human contact.

148. sschiff Because credible sources are what libraries provide.

149. OrkneyLibrary So far this week our staff have made appointments to help three people use computers for the first time. And it's FREE.

150. WoodsieGirl Because they were my safe haven as a bullied teenager, and an invaluable resource as a book-loving but poor adult!

And a wow - Phil Bradley has created a word cloud from the content of those 150 tweets, contributed by many users of library services:

17 January #Savelibraries

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