Saturday, 22 January 2011

On words and apples

The pleasure of writing, transforming a word into a sentence, then a paragraph, several, a page, then an article, report or book, is quietly satisfying. Seeing structure form from characters and words, a narrative emerge, a purpose within the text. Creating something 'real' and visible from 'nothing', which other people will one day stumble across, read and use.

It feels similar, in completeness, to planting a sapling in an orchard, watching it grow, pruning the unwanted branches, nurturing. Until what was once a seed becomes a mature tree, taller than yourself, with branches and leaves, and apples waiting to be picked.

And then others take that which you helped grow, the text or the fruit. Many sample; some enjoy; but a few use what they found, taking a word or a seed and starting the cycle of creation again...


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