Friday, 30 September 2011

Free Library and Information Science knowledge

A one-minute meta-research post, inspired by Dave's question in the cafe of "Wonder if there's a lot of library research in open access formats out there on the Interwebz?"

One minute later, the answer is: loads.

1. Repositories

OpenDOAR is an index of, currently, over 2,000 repositories, maintained oddly in an old workplace of mine (hopefully now free of asbestos). DOAR stands for Directory of Open Access Repositories, typically university and college "online buckets" where the resident academics and scholars pour in their work.

Browsing on repositories which contain Library and Information Science content gives 74 such buckets.

2. Open access journals

DOAJ is the Directory of Open Access Journals. They've got, blimey, a lot indexed in there now. Specifically, 7067 journals, 3252 journals searchable at article level, and 636,986 articles. Yes, two thirds of a million free articles you can get to from here.

Browsing by subject gives a total of 123 Library and Information Science journals.

3. Google Scholar

Unlike the previous two, this one is a more hazy search. With the options of "Articles excluding patents", from any time period, searching on the phrase "library and information science" comes back with "about 84,000" results.

However, this is a complete mish-mash of stuff, including books, and strange article formats I haven't seen before. Also, only a fraction of the search results linked to free articles - 23 out of the first 100 results. Even so, that's still a fair few free bits of knowledge. There's also quite possibly some overlap with the DOAJ search results.

MIT Science Library journals

If you haven't already, I'd recommend playing with all three of these, taking a bit longer than one minute, to see what you can get that's relevant to your research. In all cases, you will of course have to do a lot more precise searching (unless you are doing the mother of all library and information science literature reviews).

Fill your boots. Pay nothing, at least to start with.

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