Thursday, 8 September 2011

Writing about games in libraries

I quite like the way I'm gradually turning back to looking, in a more systematic way, at the many and varied uses of games in libraries and information science. It's been an interest of mine for over a decade [2000] [2000] [2002] [2008], encouraged by attending and presenting at various games in library conferences in the USA, and a couple in Europe, over the last decade. Jenny Levine, of the American Library Association, organiser of many of these events, has been a bit of a key influencer for me in this respect.

One of the summary presentations in Finland and the USA contained some examples of game use in libraries:

It's now a few years out of date and the world of gaming has moved significantly on - but hurrah! I have an excuse to examine and collect examples again, specifically in the use of games in UK libraries, as I'm writing a series of articles for CILIP update through 2012 on this topic.

Details of the survey are elsewhere on this website. If you are involved in a UK library games initiative - not just digital games - I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.

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