Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From above

As the pale blue dot endlessly rushes beneath the International Space Station, completing a whole orbit every 91 minutes, one of the pictures taken and put up on Flickr, the social media site, by NASA:

Midwestern U.S. at Night With Aurora Borealis (NASA, International Space Station, 09/29/11)

Sitting 4,000 miles away in nighttime England, I've identified the dots, pools of light that mark the places that are important to me. I can do this, thanks to NASA and thanks to the Internet and the Web. Here's the related video:

Perhaps that's what the web is ultimately meant to be - if it's meant to be something. A thing which makes us more aware of the rock we live on; that rock which is not quite as large or vast as we sometimes think it is.

244 weeks on from Finland, I'm still asking myself the question of "What is home?". Hopefully, I'm a little closer to the answer, now.

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