Monday, 30 January 2012

#libday8 - Library Day in the Life Project #8

I'm going to do the #libday8 (Library Day in the Life Project) thing today, and blog it as I go. Despite not working in a library. As I'm mostly off most social media for a while for various reasons (overload, sorting out health stuff, trying to rearrange many years of digital content), I won't be publicising this entry so it'll probably never be read. What the heck.

7:19 Wake up early again; fifth day in a row. Inexplicable.

7:25 Resume trying to move blog from 2005-2009, which is now in a private account, into blogspot. Unfortunately the .xml isn't compatible. Is it ever? Damned if I'm going to cut and paste several hundred blog posts and nearly a thousand comments over. On the plus side, I've at least gotten all of the digital content out of Posterous (bad mistake putting it in there).

8:31 Give up for now. Coffee.

9:10 Bath, as medical appointment imminent.

10:43 Grrrr. Get to doctors surgery, in central Birmingham. Nurse is sick, so no blood test today. They'd been trying to phone me. On an old phone number I haven't used in three years. For the fourth time, updating my contact details with the NHS, which inevitably they'll ignore and use some historical information (as they've often done).

11:00 Meet doctor. No date yet for procedure. So, trip into the city today was a waste of time.

11:28 Renew books at Birmingham Central Library. Didn't see any National Libraries Day promo stuff, which is a bit disappointing. Have a quick peek at the new library, which is coming along nicely.

11:45 Opportunist coffee break with W. I've known him for nearly 20 years, during which time he's become a senior civil servant, and also a good friend. He taught me the (important) differences between the civil service, and the government (crucial to know, for work and advocacy). We swap notes and anecdotes; him on JISC and its likely future and funding; me on public libraries and their funding.

12:40 The upstairs of this bus smells overwhelmingly of cannabis. Then again, so does most of central Birmingham.

1:00 WTF? Annoyed that some douchebag editing Wikipedia (or a robot? this isn't clear on there) has marked the National Libraries Day page for deletion as it isn't 'notable'. Point this out to a couple of senior Wikipedia editors who have been trying to get librarians "on side" for a while.

1:08 Reminding self of the great selection of library advocacy posters Phil Bradley has made.

1:20 Continue working on next "Games in libraries" piece for a library magazine.

2:04 Reply to comment about 10 predictions concerning libraries. Wish could move the conversation on. On the plus side, it's not about librarian stereotypes, which (distressingly) is by the far the most viewed blog post.

2:31 Make a few observational comments about politician intimacy on the Facebook wall of a future library organisation president, that causes some of her followers to vomit, and earns me her enduring scorn.

Kindle and cover

2:55 Edit annoying National Libraries Day entry on Wikipedia. Deliberately not spending much time on this, as have found in the past that the more time you spend editing a Wikipedia page, the more chance some bellend called StarTrekFan51 or something will come along and delete what you've done.

3:05 According to Google, I'm a 21 year old cheerleader from Tallahassee who's battling an eating disorder. I think it's time to delete my online browsing history. Thoroughly.

3:17 Tea break. A quick read of "Travels with Charley" which I didn't finish and has been sitting here for a while.

3:21 No word from the person who is, or was, proofreading a report on virtual worlds in education that was expecting back over the weekend. I've been unlucky with proofers and editors over the last few years (possibly as I've gone to the cheap end of the market). Le sigh.

3:24 "Invite" to speak at a high attendee cost conference. No fee or expenses. And (and this is red rag to a bull) the pathetic excuse that it'll "increase my profile". In other words, they get a free speaker, make a larger profit, and I take time and expense out for nothing back. As usual, responding with "I will consider it" with no intention of going, to cause the organisers (profiteers) a small amount of logistical inconvenience.

4:03 Looking out of the window (aren't you glad you chose to read this exciting blog entry, eh?). There is still sun in the sky. Spring is nudging winter to one side. This is good.

4:06 Thankfully, most of the responses to the recent Games in Libraries piece were positive. But, some negative ones come in. The open-minded ones I don't mind, as there's a chance there for education and enlightenment. But, receive one from a closed mind, who believes that "only a few" libraries would ever put on "clicky button video game events". Briefly replied with this link and asking if this is how many he means by "only a few".

4:13 “Fuck me amidst the relics of a world that progress threw away.” Shaking my head and sighing.

4:41 For what feels like the millionth time, exasperated by library and librarian politics. Seeing an argument / whining develop online (another reason for a break from social media) and choosing to "do" instead of joining in. There. Done. So much quicker. And productive. And still, the arguing continues.

5:20 Looking at Flickr and deciding it's best to probably avoid my other half online for most of today.

6:29 Rewatching a video made by a librarian friend, of her cat. A few other people have watched it...

6.45 Updating my Wordshore tumblr with some more links to stuff out there am fond of. Am liking the plan for rearranging online digital content, of which I have a ridiculous amount scattered around the net in a disorganised manner. My Wordshore "hub of activity" is focusing on the themes of America, libraries, writing and publishing. There's a website (needs major work), twitter, and the tumblr for that, as well as some of the pictures on Flickr. To get all of the digital content ordered correctly (there are other hubs) is probably going to take several months. My own fault for not working to one, consistent, plan over time.

9:31 Recovering with a glass of something strong after (finally) watching Field of Dreams in one go. That's the most "American" American film I think I've ever seen. Something to muse on later. But, back to typing in library stuff.

Midnight Speak to my other half, a systems librarian, using the wonders of the Internet and video conferencing. After this, a short read, and then sleep. And that's my day...

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