Sunday, 13 May 2012

Geocaching afternoon

A few words. I had to get some air, get out of the house, stretch the legs, calm the mind a little bit.

So, I went geocaching around Birmingham in the West Midlands, where I'm currently staying as the NHS patch me up. And I managed 9.5 miles, which after several weeks of being weak and unwell, was a bit of a surprise.

I looked for seven geocaches. Found four of them. Two more were in areas so full of non-geocachers they were pretty much impossible to get. The seventh one puzzles me, as it wasn't where it was supposed to be. I may try that one again.

A small cache (the terms micro and nano are used for caches of this size, or even smaller), magnetically attached to the inside of a metal plate:

Concealed cache

Logging a cache find through the app:


A cache hidden inside a hollow metal pole:

Hollow post cache

...and what's inside it:

Roll of finders

Another tiny cache, and the reel inside it for signing, next to a smartphone for comparison:

Micro cache

And another tiny cache, in the hand.

Micro cache

All good fun.

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