Tuesday, 26 June 2012


A bit of a discussion on Ian Anstice's Facebook wall propelled the writing of this and the hunting down of vidoes. So; my favorite group is an Icelandic group called Amiina.

Not many people have heard of Amiina, or heard their music. But, not having the hipster insecurity of fearing being 'mainstream', that's not why I like them.

Neither do I like them because they are from Iceland, though I want to visit there. Very much.

Nor is it because the first time I saw them play was from the front row, a few feet away from Hildur Ársælsdóttir playing the saw, and realised that you could fall in love with a musician you'd probably never talk to, just because of her sheer talent and ... something else, when she's playing a few feet away from you.

(Erm, in the very remote chance you ever read this Hildur, don't worry; I'm engaged to someone else :).


Nor is it because Amiina take household objects, stringed instruments, farm implements, and tech such as MacBook, and turn deceptively simple sounds into something ... unique.

Nope. It's simply because what they do consistently makes me feel good. Really good. That's enough reason, surely.

Right; showtime. Some music by Amiina. Infuriatingly there are very few videos of them playing, so this is a mixed collection of documentary footage and fan-made works.

First up; Ásinn, live. The opening track to the first time I saw them live.

Amiina with Lee Hazlewood - Hilli (at the top of the world). The last vocals he recorded.

What are we waiting for? Especially for any expectant soon-to-be-parents.

More videos made by random people, this one a solo dancer. Track: Sexfaldur.

Sicsak, live.

Amiina playing in an Icelandic bookstore, to various book buyers and browsers (one of whom for attentive viewers is Bjork).

In the sun:

Ugla. I have no idea what this amateur video is about:

Finally, as the backing group to Sigur Rós, which they do a lot of. Olsen Olsen, from the film Heima which followed them around Iceland.

Well, nearly finally. My favorite song of theirs and, for a while now, of anyone's. With Yukihiro Takahashi (seriously):

If Amiina come near you on one of their rare tours, they are worth seeing. Well, selfishly I'm hoping they don't become mega successful so I have to fight for tickets and see them from the distant back of a cavernous concert hall. But, in fairness, their music deserves a wide and appreciative audience.


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