Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wisconsin prediction for tonite

Predicting that in the recall election in the land of cheese tonite, Scott Walker will win, with an 8 to 10 percentage margin over Barrett.

Before another whiny liberal incorrectly accuses me of being a Republican*, I shouldn't have to spell this out but that is not the result I want; it's the one I think will happen. There is a difference.

And on a similar note, to liberal bloggers on social media who think that if they write about the big bad nasty Walker losing enough times then it will happen - it doesn't work like that. For similar reasons as to why Romney is likely to win in November.

Do consider voting, if you live there. A vote is more useful than a whine. Sorry you're in the hell that seems to be election number one billion in the last few years.

I'm weary of the enclaved, impotent hysteria and arm-waving of the left against the corrupted money and prejudiced, incoherent anger of the right. Hence the usual long and rambling post stops here.

Update Walker won, by 7 percent.

On the plus side, this could do a lot for the Democrats and nationally be more useful than a narrow win. It's an unavoidable wake-up call time for them. They'll have to work out where they went badly wrong, and how they can learn for this for the November elections, including the presidency. Raising, between themselves and their friendly SuperPACs, another several hundred million more dollars, and starting the campaign as soon as possible, will also help.

Though am sticking with the prediction from exactly seven months ago, and am increasingly thinking that Hillary Clinton may have more chance of winning in 2016 than Barack Obama in 2012.

(* Personal US political alignment is about 2 parts Democrat, 2 parts Libertarian, 1 part Socialist.)

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