Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Twitter accounts

So, this tweet went up just now, from my oldest Twitter account which has seen a variety of changes over the years.

Which doesn't mean anything to most other people, but is exciting for me as it means I've reached the next phase in sorting out my online work and life components.

As of now I have three active twitter accounts, all near the end of the alphabet:

  • Twelve Badges: Digital games in learning and health, badges, and Animal Crossing.
  • UKOLN: Occasional tweets about UKOLN staff, past and present.
  • Wordshore: Occasional random and wordy tweets; not as active as it used to be.

There's a fourth twitter account which is now 'parked' and not in use, namely Geoshore.

And also a sockpuppet account, which is occasionally used in a benign way. But that's my sum total of twitter accounts as of now.

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