Sunday, 12 April 2015

And so it begins. Again.

I love USA elections. Absolutely love them. The theatre, the campaigns, the news media, the circus, the crazy TV ads, the relentless campaigning, the uses of all forms of communication, the struggle to get voting rights, the debating, the different procedures for voting; the whole thing.

Today, Hillary declared. And this makes me very happy. Not necessarily because it is Hillary, who is a flawed candidate (albeit one who is vastly preferable IMHO to any serious candidate from the GOP at the moment), but because it means we are officially in election mode. I did a little post about it on MetaFilter in a kind of quiet celebratory mood.

And finished it with pointing out that there's only (LOL) 575 days to go to the election.

I'm wondering what more I can figure out about America, and about America and me, during those 575 days. And I wonder where I'll be, literally, at the end of them.

But for now; game on.

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